Family Medicine


Family Medicine

From Adenoids to Zinc, our physicians are ready to assist you with all of your medical needs, either in our office or through our extensive specialist referral relationships.



We are the newest DUAL Coolsculpting practice in Las Vegas. This means we have the latest technology, as well as fully trained and certified staff to provide you with a superior coolsculpting experience. All coolsculpting procedures are physician supervised in our practice.



Our practice encompasses fully certified FAA, including HIMS program, and DOT approved physicians for pilots and commercial driver medical certification.


Women's Health

Whether you have hormone problems or simply need birth control options, our doctors are ready to help find solutions that are appropriate and custom suited to your needs. 

Medical Care

We pride ourselves in having very high attention to detail and want to meet every need you have for your health and well being.


Our team is passionate about your care. Our goal is for you to have an excellent experience in each aspect of your care and treatment.


Las Vegas Family Medicine
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